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Main interests

My research is centered on the study of marine organisms by molecular markers. The research activity includes markers development, both at the genomic and transcriptomic level, and their application in studies ranging from molecular systematics to the study of mating systems of fish. Most of my studies have been, and are currently being, performed on populations, with a special focus on the inference of patterns of genetic structuring and on the estimation of the effective genetic population size and historical demography of marine organisms. Starting with the estimation of connectivity between populations, my recent research is currently moving to the integration of empirical genetic data in population modeling approaches to achieve a better comprehension of the relative importance of recent evolutionary events (paleoclimatic changes, biogeographic events) versus contemporary factors (current mediated larval dispersal, population size drops due to global changes or human harvesting) in shaping intra-specific patterns of genetic diversity.

Last three publications

  • C Agostini, T Patarnello, JR Ashford, JJ Torres, L Zane, C Papetti (2015). Genetic differentiation in the ice-dependent fish Pleuragramma antarctica along the Antarctic Peninsula. Journal of Biogeography 42 (6), 1103-1113
  • IAM Marino, E Riginella, A Cariani, F Tinti, ED Farrell, C Mazzoldi, L Zane (2015). New Molecular Tools for the Identification of 2 Endangered Smooth-Hound Sharks, Mustelus mustelus and Mustelus punctulatus. Journal of Heredity 106 (1), 123-130
  • M Schiavina, IAM Marino, L Zane, P Meli (2014). Matching oceanography and genetics at the basin scale. Seascape connectivity of the Mediterranean shore crab in the Adriatic Sea. Molecular ecology 23 (22), 5496-5507

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Data and contact

InstitutionUniversity of Padova, Department of Biology
SSDBIO/07 - Ecologia
AddressDipartimento di Biologia, Universita' di Padova
Tel.++39 049 8276220
FAX++39 049 8276209
emaillorenzo.zane at unipd.it