Main interests

My research interests range within the general frame of genetic analysis applied to non-model marine or anadromous fish species, with particular attention to endangered ones. I am especially interested in sturgeons for several features that I consider of high relevance. These include: the different ploidy levels among species, the very ancestral evolutionary separation of sturgeon, their highly endangered status, the commercial interest to the food market and the ecological importance. Besides sturgeons my research focuses on other terrestrial, marine or lagoon species. Among these I find especially intriguing the species of the genus Atherina: the study of genetic differentiation of these animals, ranging from the phylogenetic relationships among species to the fine scale population level, may provide interesting information on the paleo-geographic history of the Mediterranean basin. For what concerns the methodological approaches used, my research is mainly based on the identification an application of molecular markers from single locus genotyping to high throughput genome/transcriptome characterizations.

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PositionAssistant professor
InstitutionUniversity of Padova, Department of Biology
SSDBIO/07 - Ecologia
AddressDipartimento di Biologia, Universita' di Padova
Tel.++39 049 8276218
FAX++39 049 8276209
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