About Us

The Bortoluzzi laboratory works in the field of computational biology, bioinformatics and systems biology applied to the study of genome and transcriptome variation in cancer and disease.
The group has expertise in systems biology, big data and NGS for transcriptome and genome analysis and know-how regarding microRNAs, other non-canonical small RNAs and on circular RNA biology and bioinformatics. We also develop new methods, software and web tools.

We are engaged in a number of projects analyzing cancer cell genomic landscape, in relation to the origin as well as disease evolution, with potential applications in precision medicine. One of our main goals is the definition of circular RNA roles in haematologic malignancies, their participation to disease mechanisms and to understand the biological factors underlying circRNAome dysregulation in cancer. In addition, we are studying the potential of exosomes derived from cancer cells, and of circulating cancer cells to favor disease progression and metastasis.