Chameleabase the Chamelea gallina transcriptome database

Chameleabase reports results the first transcriptome sequencing and annotation of the bivalve mollusc Chamelea gallina. Chameleabase entries are centred on contig sequence and annotation. The database is searchable by contig ID, key words and BLAST.

Database entry description. For each contig, a gene-like entry reports the following data sections: Example contig: http://compgen.bio.unipd.it/chameleabase/contig/Chamelea_rep_c41198/

The database is searchable by keywords or BLAST against contig sequences; massive and customized data retrival is allowed by the query system.

ChameleaBase is an open project developed by the Computational Genomics Laboratory and the Molecular Ecology Group of the University of Padova.

Please cite:: Alessandro Coppe, Stefania Bortoluzzi, Giulia Murari, Ilaria Anna Maria Marino, Lorenzo Zane, Chiara Papetti. Sequencing and Characterization of Striped Venus Transcriptome Expand Resources for Clam Fishery Genetics. Plos One. September 18, 2012.